3 Ideas in 3 Minutes: Trending Now in Interior Design

Three thoughts from three of our Interiors leads at the Interior Design re:Source convention in Miami:

  1. Cross pollination: gone are the days of the singular project type. This has been long in the making but never more fleshed out than we are seeing in today's climate. Project types are informing each other. Hospitality is informing corporate and healthcare; corporate is informing government and academic, and all are informing multifamily. This exciting overlap makes spaces more relevant and dynamic. It also opens up possibilities and challenges us to shift material and lighting paradigms.
  2. Glow: speaking of lighting, the advent and mass accessibility of LEDs has allowed everything to GLOW.  Gone are the days where the  "cove" was the only source of an indirect wash of light.  Today, floors glow, walls glow and furniture glows. At Page, we are developing unexpected sources and possibilities with this nexus of technology and materials. 
  3. White is out: clarity is in. We all breathed a sigh of relief a few years ago when white became the new black. Now we are exploring what that shift gave us. Today, a clarity of color is the new black. In our view, no single color dominates although Page PMS Red 032 is a particular favorite. The theme is rich, deep, saturated and clear.

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Wendy Dunnam Tita, Kris Walsh & Marissa Yu