3 Thoughts from 3 Designers: Interior Design re:Source

Three Page designers recently attended Interior Design’s re:Source in Miami, a biannual event hosted by the magazine which connects designers from leading firms with product manufacturers and suppliers for face-to-face discussions about new products and market trends. Inspired, refreshed and excited by the three-day event, Jen Bussinger, Claire Purmort and Kari Brown met on the last day to share their thoughts on the three most memorable take-aways: customization, craftsmanship and a return to form.

Customization: Many manufacturers highlighted the customization opportunities of their products, with the goal to give designers more freedom with their designs and streamline the process. Manufacturer representatives were not only open to working with the designers on new iterations of their products, they encouraged it.

Craftsmanship: During the opening forum, the designers of the Miami Edition hotel, George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg, expressed their great appreciation for craftsmanship. They work hard to develop relationships with talented craftsmen and believe true craftsmanship is experiencing a resurgence. (The return to craftsmanship was the focus of a recent Texas Architect article featuring Page’s Wendy Dunnam Tita.) This trend was also evident in manufacturers’ attention to detail and the quality of new pieces. Texture, warm neutrals and pastel colors were reoccurring themes throughout re:Source. 

Form: The designers saw an array of products currently in development. Furniture design is trending toward minimalism, with the focus on the materials and the execution of details. Many furniture manufacturers shared their plans for not only introducing new products, but also reintroducing retired pieces. As an example, BuzziSpace is putting a lot of thought into flexible workplaces with acoustic absorption while also bringing back archival furniture pieces

Browse through the gallery images to see examples of the products which caught the attention of our designers. A slideshow of the event may be viewed here.

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Kari Brown, Jen Bussinger and Claire Purmort