A Different Kind of DC Ambassador

Page employees are as diverse in their hobbies and extracurricular activities as they are in their professional backgrounds and experiences. We have employees who are long-distance bicycle riders, play in musical groups, breed cattle, lead Scout troops – you get the idea. Jennifer (last name withheld to comply with team policy) is a member of the Red Rockers, which is the official spirit squad of the NHL team the Washington Capitals. The Red Rockers cheer on the Capitals at all of their home games, which are played at the Verizon Center in downtown DC.

Jennifer’s choice of activity fits her already-energetic lifestyle. Since the Capitals also are a professional organization, she has to manage her time well to balance her responsibilities with Page and still meet her commitment to the Capitals’ schedule. The physical routines require her to maintain an exceptionally high level of fitness, and because the Capitals are family-focused, she also spends additional nights and weekends doing community service with her fellow Red Rockers.

Jennifer had only been following hockey for a few seasons when she saw the Red Rockers at a Capitals home game. She was curious about what membership on the squad entailed so she began following the Red Rockers on Facebook. When information about tryouts popped up, she decided to “go out on a limb” and sign up, knowing that it would certainly be a fun and memorable experience regardless of the result.

In her time with the squad, Jennifer has helped to spruce up a school in a lower-income community before the beginning of classes by painting murals and beautifying the grounds with fresh plantings. During the holiday season, the Red Rockers joined the players and organizational staff for a gift delivery event for local families in need.

She's had the opportunity to join the Red Rockers in cheering on the USA Warriors and San Antonio Rampage Sled hockey teams, which field many injured servicemen and veterans rehabilitating at their respective medical centers. Last year, Jennifer also got to participate in the pre-race activities for the 2014 Marine Corps Marathon, which is the fourth largest marathon in the US.

Jennifer explains, "Out of everything I do with the Red Rockers and the Capitals organization, my favorite part is interacting with the younger fans and seeing their excitement for the sport. There are also many older fans that have been following the team since their inception into the NHL 40 years ago – they have some great Capitals knowledge! However overall, I am proud to be an ambassador for the Washington Capitals because they are a such a classy, family- and community-oriented team."

She joined the Red Rockers a year ago as one of 13 new members of the 20-person team, and will complete her rookie season this spring. In order to return as a second-year member, she will have to audition again this summer. Jennifer certainly plans to do so in the hopes that she can return the team veterans' kindness to her this season by helping incoming rookies "learn the drill" this fall.