A Park in The Sky

A new residential highrise has transformed both the skyline of downtown Austin, Texas, as well as a neighborhood with roots in the 1930s. Metropolis Magazine has taken notice of 70 Rainey, a Page architectural project, calling it “an unexpected green space with premier views”.

By day, Rainey Street is a calm, meandering row dotted with 1930s-era structures; at night a vibrant streetscape comes to life with busy bars, young patrons and Ubers. Yet, at 70 Rainey the daytime tranquility is 24/7 thanks to impressive acoustical engineering, more than 28,000 square feet of amenity space located 110 feet above street level and generous swaths of vegetation.

The energy-efficient building attained a four-star rating on the five-point Austin Energy Green Building Standards and so impressed evaluators with its unique usage of living foliage that the group is considering integrating emissions offsets into upcoming standards. In addition to living exterior walls, an amenity garden includes over 50 different species of vegetation.

Residents in every unit are treated to a panoramic view encompassing Lady Bird Lake, downtown Austin and the Hill Country beyond. The Mexican American Cultural Center, which is protected parkland, sits between the building and the lake shore which means the views are likely to always be clear.

This project showcases the importance of green space and Page hopes it acts as inspiration for highrises to come. To view the article in full on Metropolis Magazine, click here