Area of Specialty: Fire Protection Engineering

With licenses in both mechanical engineering and fire safety/fire protection engineering, our Page Fire Protection Engineers bring a breadth of experience in both disciplines to all types of complex projects for national and international clients, including healthcare and high-tech facilities.

Many engineers might not immediately recognize the potential of pursuing a Fire Protection Engineering (FPE) license but this discipline is absolutely critical for protecting lives and properties, particularly for large, technically complex projects requiring sophisticated fire protection, life safety and security systems such as high-rise buildings and manufacturing facilities. High-rise buildings are particularly demanding, with a large number of pressure pumps and extensive smoke control. It is a very challenging and exciting engineering discipline.

At Page, we provide FPE services ranging from designing fire protection and life safety systems to conducting extensive investigations of codes, standards and materials to fire, smoke and egress modeling and more. Engineers who work in fire protection are also responsible for understanding allowable quantities of chemicals and gases in certain types of structures. FPEs at Page have the opportunity to work closely with professionals in other disciplines, such as engineering, architecture and commissioning, on a variety of project types.

We also have a great training program for EITs or engineers who are interested in becoming licensed FPEs!