Beyond Programming: Requirements Management in a Digital Age

Architects may be best known for designing custom solutions carefully tailored to solve clients’ problems that meet their goals, schedule and budget. But before we can start designing, we must fully understand the client’s goals and requirements. To use a medical analogy, pre-design is the critical diagnostic step before developing a treatment plan or beginning surgery. At Page we have a team of professionals specially trained in helping clients work through this phase, called architectural programming. Our Strategic Consulting group includes some of the most experienced people in the industry specializing in pre-design and the Problem Seeking methodology.

Page Principal Kurt Neubek, FAIA, is a member of the Steering Committee for the LinkedIn Pre-Design Knowledge Community. They recently kicked off a webinar series with Kurt’s presentation of Beyond Programming: Requirements Management in a Digital Age.

To watch the complete video recording, click here.

To learn more about how Page’s approach to pre-design can help your organization, please contact Kurt Neubek.