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Starting January 1, 2014, PageSoutherlandPage will be known simply as Page. This new name, reflected by a new logo, is representative of a transition to a new generation of leadership and a new ownership structure. Our firm started as a partnership between two people and has evolved over time into the robust organization it is today. One thing that has set us apart through the years has been our remarkable success at transferring the mantle of leadership from one generation to the next. Now, we’re also transferring ownership to all employees in the firm.

For the past year, we’ve worked to formalize the transition to Page, although we’re still doing business formally as Page Southerland Page, Inc. Our new name is drawn from our heritage, but it’s fresh. It’s easy to remember and easy to say. Our name and our logo will remind our employees this is a new day for us all. They also will reaffirm to our clients that we’re committed to visionary design, that we have a record of innovation and fresh ideas, and a demonstrated success with complex projects.

We’re doing this now because our firm is enjoying an exciting time of growth and opportunity. These changes will position us to best take advantage, today and in the future. Of course we provide services, but our most valuable resource is our people. So, our name and brand articulate our sharpened focus on what distinguishes us within the industry – that we are a firm of forward-thinking people who are effective agents for change over time. This commitment is reflected in our new, adaptable tagline to “think" of a related attribute at a given moment and place, and our new domain