Celebrating Women In Construction

Women make up nine percent of the national construction industry, according to the National Association of Women in Construction, which is celebrating Women in Construction Week this week. A few female Pagers explained the essential roles they play in making sure our projects are spaces that live up to our promise of design that makes lives better through design. Some are dedicated to construction administration while others find it is an element of their roles.

Associate and Construction Administrator Shawn-Marie Henson explains that in her role at Page, she touches virtually every single project in our Austin office as well as many in our Dallas, Denver and Washington DC offices. Her responsibilities include supporting project managers and overseeing document control while maintaining a healthy relationship with the many different construction companies and clients for Page projects.

Senior Associate and Mechanical Engineer Ashley August notes that her role doesn’t end when the design is done. Regular site visits ensure that any problems that arise while the facility or space is under construction can be immediately addressed.  “I have the ability to design complicated systems and the opportunity to see that design from inception to fruition,” she says. “It’s an exhilarating experience to see something you’ve conceptualized in reality, performing as intended. There’s no better feeling.”

Associate and Designer Yvette Herrera Durán concurs: ““There is so much to learn on a construction site; you get to really understand how the various pieces come together to make the design you originally envisioned.  Being able to visualize the puzzle behind what I am designing is important to me. It is this effort to always understand the larger picture that helps challenge me to pursue details that make a difference in my designs.” 

We appreciate all our women Pagers who ensure final construction results our clients expect based on the designs they approved.