Contest Entry #7,243: Who Had The Coolest Summer Job?

When most people hear the phrase “summer internship”, they usually picture a college student racing across a big city balancing a stack of Starbucks drinks. Page’s internship program is a balancing act for sure, but in a very different way. At Page, summer interns balance real projects, concrete deadlines, and produce work that is actually used by clients.

We asked several interns from various disciplines who came together on a project photo shoot to tell us their perspectives of their summers. All of them enjoyed the three days spent at the client project setting up for each image shot. To their surprise, the photographer pulled them off duty and into a photograph to demonstrate the nature of the client’s interactive gaming software business.

Jolie Guz, an advertising major at Southern Methodist University, joked, “When I began my internship at Page, I never would have guessed I would find myself wearing a head-to-toe motion capture suit, battling it out in a giant studio filled with cutting edge technology.” Andrew Hanson, who is working on a Masters in Architecture at Tulane University, added, “It was fun being a part of a real “rendering”. In school, I spend a lot of time creating rendering of spaces with entourage, and to see that replicated with a physical process was awesome!”

Justin (JT) Hevrin, a Mechanical Engineering Technology student at LeTourneau University, agreed, saying, “I expected to spend my summer behind a computer. Instead, I also had the chance to go out to work sites and see how some projects were coming along on site. And, I worked on a university scientific research building by using Revit to edit drawings for the 50% CDs that were sent out.” Jordan Moses, a UT Arlington Masters in Architecture candidate said, “Working in a larger firm like Page is so helpful for someone like me, who is still learning how everything in the industry works. I’m able to help out on different projects” like a VA hospital project underway and an Academic proposal. 

When asked what they told family and friends about their internship, Andrew volunteered, “I have been working on a tenant improvement project for a medical office building. I started just as the design development phase began ramping up, so I’ve been able to see the whole project go through the DD phase, and then the transition to CD phase.” Jolie said, “I’ve learned about maintaining a consistent aesthetic across all of the collateral that Page produces. From a project proposal to a business card, Page maintains the same clean and consistent look, which seems simple, but in reality, takes an incredible amount effort.” 

Emma Smith, who is working toward a Bachelor’s in Interior Design at the University of Oklahoma, originally told her family and friends that she wasn’t sure what she would be doing, but found that every day she recounted all she had done from working on finish boards for both a children’s hospital and a VA hospital and designing a reception desk for a healthcare technology startup. She commented, “Not only did I learn an abundance of knowledge, I also made a large amount of connections.” 

Page would like to thank Jolie Guz, Andrew Hanson, Justin (JT) Hevrin, Jordan Moses and Emma Smith for their support this summer. We wish them a terrific 2017-2018 school year and hope to see them in our office again!