Design That Makes A Difference: National Domestic Violence Hotline

At Page, our vision and promise to our clients is the same thing: we create design that makes lives better. Whether we’re improving hospital infrastructure so staff can more efficiently treat patients or creating classrooms that support technologically advanced teaching methodologies, we always strive to ensure our designs improve user experience. It seems that one of our most recently completed projects has exceeded expectations based on feedback – and may actually be helping to save lives.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline recently moved into their new headquarters, which Page programmed and designed the interiors. We knew this facility would need to provide both mental and physical comfort and support on the job for the people working at The Hotline, in addition to the required set-ups to complete their tasks. Our work helped expand service capacity for The Hotline, which has answered more than 4 million contacts since 1996.

Time Warner Cable News interviewed an advocate at The Hotline who explained that the new state-of-the-art environment is feeding her passion “to want to do it” because of the improved space. There are several outlets for staff members to recharge, decompress and relieve stress:

  • Open, active workstation layouts. These spaces encourage walking while advocates are on the phone.  
  • Large, naturally lit break room. This community space encourages supportive engagement between staff members.
  • Intention spaces. These are areas where advocates can ease their emotions through prayer or action.  
  • Wellness rooms. These rooms encourage advocates to keep their minds and hearts balanced and offer ways to decompress from stressful calls.
  • Gym and spa showers. The Hotline also offers an on-site gym for staff with treadmills, recumbent bikes, free weights and yoga spaces.  
  • The Link. This donor recognition space is highlighted with metal links, signifying the vital link between a victim and safety, and also between the community and awareness.  
  • Reminder wall. Words of appreciation and affirmation from The Hotline’s staff are recreated on a wall tile where staff members find continuous reinforcement of the impact of their work. 

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