Expertise Showcased at National Tribal Nations Healthcare Conference

Page participated in the recent National Tribal Nations Annual Health Conference in Phoenix, where a key health agenda was ratified for the benefit of American Indian and Native Alaskan people across the US. Attendees included Kregg Elsass, AIA, Kurt Neubek, FAIA, and Dan Killebrew, AIA. The Page participants showcased the breadth of Page’s portfolio, with an emphasis on our healthcare expertise. The award-winning Chickasaw Nation Medical Center project in Ada, OK, was featured, and received many positive comments from conference attendees.

Many had previously visited the facility and commented on its beauty, noting that Page had clearly spent time to really understand the Chickasaw culture and priorities. The design includes not only state-of-the-art medical facilities, but many sensitive touches that showed an awareness of what is important to members of the tribe. Some of the features discussed included the reflections of the tribe’s indigenous beadwork in the floor and ceiling patterns, and the inclusion of an on-site smudging area for performing rituals. One passerby noted, “My favorite design feature that shows how well Page understood our needs is the fact that there is a place to tie up your horse” for those who ride to the clinic.

Kregg Elsass was the Principal-in-Charge and Senior Medical Planner of the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center; Larry Speck, FAIA, was the Senior Designer; and Kurt Neubek participated in the predesign phase. To learn more about the project, click here