Helping Houston Public Library Meet Future Needs

Jamie Flatt and Wendy Heger are helping the Houston Public Library develop a three to five year strategic plan and a 10-year facilities plan.

The Page team is analyzing trends, forecasts, and service needs; creating future scenarios; and recommending strategic directions/service priorities for HPL. The final report will include an analysis of HPL's facility portfolio (currently 42 facilities) and will make recommendations to bring capital improvement plans in line with organizational goals. The report will provide objectives, broad tasks, and a three-year plan for implementation of Service Priorities. Finally, the plan will offer a prioritized facility project list.

The team is currently conducting stakeholder workshops, identifying strategic possibilities, and analyzing data. This information will be synthesized into a final master plan. Jamie brings to the project her deep expertise in strategic planning and data synthesis. Wendy brings project management skills, along with an understanding of the City of Houston and the library industry as the former Assistant Director for Planning & Facilities, Houston Public Library.

The project is being managed by the City of Houston General Services Department, for whom the firm has delivered multiple successful projects, including a recent City Hall Annex Renovation and an almost-complete Houston TV Studio office suite in City Hall.


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Wendy Heger