How Do You #WFH?

Although Pagers are now #WFH (Working From Home) for the health and safety of all, our full resources are available to support clients. Everyone has their own style and everyone is having fun sharing it! Some are adapting to new colleagues who bawl or bark (especially in the middle of that Zoom call!) and some have replicated the sit/stand flexibility they liked in the office but the camaraderie comes through on every submission. Scroll through the image gallery for a sampling of the #WFH submissions that Page has posted on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Page offices are holding virtual 'happy hours' - no mean feat when there are more than 100 employees throughout the city! Others shared stories of their new normal, i.e. "I have a colleague who likes to put Cheerios up her nose." If you look at the backgrounds of Pagers on Zoom, you'll see people are choosing their own, including images from all our offices. 

On the serious side, the Page Mexico City (CDMX) office put together an infographic reminding everyone  of ideal WFH tips to maximize productivity and minimize stress. Stay well, everyone!