IEMI / HEMP Protection

Page is a 500-plus person architecture and engineering firm that offers professional design services through multiple offices in the U.S. and abroad.

Leaders in Commercial EMP / HEMP Design

In addition to conventional threats like flood, fire and wind, facility owners and operators are increasingly looking for ways to protect their critical infrastructure from man-made, technological threats such as HEMP (High altitude Electromagnetic Pulse) and IEMI (Intentional Electromagnetic Interference) to unpredictable natural events like solar and geomagnetic storms. At Page, we have collaborated with world-class resources to develop methods to protect commercial facilities and their critical infrastructure from the detrimental effects caused by such events.


Emergency Operations Centers / Data Centers/Computer Facilities / Hospital Electronic Medical Records / Network Operations Centers / Process Control Buildings / Telecommunications Centers / 911 Call Centers

A Total Life Cycle

The experience of Page carries through the entire life cycle of a project, from consulting to establish initial threat characterization, through sophisticated facility design to commissioning of the systems, and development of methods of operation. Our staff of professionals work with industry leaders to assist our clients development of innovative solutions to the most difficult facility challenges.

Complex Project Experience

Page has built its reputation and practice throughout the world on our proven ability to manage, design and execute large, complex building projects involving leading edge technology, mission critical operations and multi-headed client and user groups. By keeping abreast of changing technology and infrastructure requirements, our design team creates facilities that not only conform to site configurations and owner specifications, but aid in efficiency of operation and anticipate future growth through flexible design.

IEMI / HEMP team leads at Page.