Leveraging Neuroscience For Focus, Creativity, And Learning

Three graduates of the 2015 Steelcase Fellowship held at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) subsequently developed a joint presentation that continues the innovative discussion they began during the session. Jamie Flatt Associate AIA, LEED AP, PQP and Page Principal / Strategic Consultant; Nadia Borras Markovic, Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos Director of Interior Design and Patrick McCarthy, SmithGroupJJR Architect II, collaborated virtually from Houston, Mexico City and Washington DC to create this.

The three describe their presentation, Leveraging Neuroscience For Focus, Creativity, And Learning:  

"As our industry is plagued with threats of commoditization, we need to rethink the future and prepare ourselves to better serve our clients. Is there a way to prime the brain for the specific areas of focus, creativity, and learning within the built environment? Get the results of a fascinating study that shows us what amazing things we can do, using design thinking methods and our understanding of neuroscience principals. Hear how to support focus through enabling better change management; how to facilitate creativity through an evolution of the existing corporate culture; and how to allow greater learning through a shift in organizational culture. When you challenge yourself to think differently about space, leveraging what research has taught us, you can make big shifts in organizational culture, and ultimately, outcomes. Take the lessons learned and available resources with you. You will be able to boost employee engagement, support organization-wide wellbeing, and increase productivity."

For more information, contact Steelcase or one of the three presenters.