Meet Amedie “Ami” Robinson

Meet Amedie “Ami” Robinson, a worldly and skilled Interiors project manager at Page. Ami holds dual American/British citizenship and has ties to Singapore. After high school, she studied at McGill University in Montreal for a year where she had the opportunity to experience yet another culture. Ami adds, “I was able to speak French every day and I loved it.” Fortunately for Page, she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design at the Art Institute of Houston.

A self-proclaimed overachiever, Ami believes it’s the level of attention that one puts into something is what makes it great, but that finding balance is important too. “Every project comes with compromise and the best part is working with your client to find what works best with everyone. As Kurt Vonnegut famously said, ‘So it goes’. Just take every day one day at a time.” 

Ami volunteers with the Friends for Life animal shelter in Houston and has two dogs and a cat. She also enjoys cooking and baking for friends in her free time because, “I think everyone should have a birthday cake.”