Meet Brooke Taubenkraut

Brooke Taubenkraut, the firm's newest programmer.

Born and raised in Pennsylvania, Brooke is a proud sports fan of her home state teams and her alma mater, Penn State, where she received her Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering. During and after college, she gained professional experience at Fortune 500 consumer product manufacturing companies in New Jersey, Arkansas, and Texas before joining Page. Her predesign and predictive analytic capabilities are very complementary to the Page Consulting service group. 

It's hard for Brooke to choose a favorite hobby out of her many inclinations: running, traveling, drawing/painting, and cooking. However, her dream is a combination of professional and personal aspiration: "One day I would like to design my own house." Brooke, you're in the right place - there are many people at Page who can provide you with advice.