Meet Chris Luz

Chris Luz, Graduate Mechanical Engineer.

While working as an Application Engineer, a business trip to Las Vegas changed Chris’s life: “as I was walking around the newly-built Aria, I had an epiphany that all this time I had actually been interested in architecture/engineering design.” Returning to his hometown of Dallas, Chris set his sights on mechanical engineering—and Page. Now, while gaining hands-on experience working on a variety of projects at Page, Chris is studying to become a licensed Professional Engineer.

Though he was born and raised in the Texas heat, Chris has a passion for ice hockey and has played continuously since he was 8 years old. Currently, he plays in a league around the Dallas Metroplex and frequents Stars games. He also plays the guitar and drums, and is interested in photography and traveling. We’re very privileged to welcome someone so talented to Page!

Contributed By

Emily Kaple