Meet Marcus Martinez

Marcus Martinez has just rejoined Page after moving back to Houston.

He has spent years engaging architecture through other fields, cultures and scales to inform his design perspective. For him, architecture is a part of a continuous association of related disciplines including industrial design, urbanism, and the interior environment. Marcus’s professional design experience began in Barcelona, and he subsequently assumed roles in Houston, Dallas, UAE, and most recently Boston where he specialized in urban core projects. He was a Smart Cities panelist at ABX Boston and his award-winning architectural efforts have been exhibited in New York, Boston, and Rome. Additionally, his sketchbooks are on exhibit at the Lincoln Center Gallery at Fordham University, New York.

His experience as an educator, architectural designer, industrial designer, artist, video editor and graphic illustrator make him a dynamic member of the Page design team. Marcus received his Masters in Architecture and Urbanism from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was able to pair his mechanical inclinations with his urbanist skillset to develop a personal electric vehicle with the MIT Media Lab’s ‘Changing Places’ group. The PEV was one of three vehicles he developed, and was featured in ID Magazine’s gallery, exhibited in Australia, and had a small cameo on TED talks (see links on right hand side under Resources).   

We're glad to welcome Marcus back into the Page family.