Open Letter: Thank You, Lisa Rosenfeld

Sometimes, what we consider to be natural reactions or small gestures mean more to others than we may ever realize. Following is an open letter from a Page employee thanking Lisa Rosenfeld, Human Resources Director, for her reaction to personal news the employee shared. We think it shows great insight into the culture at Page.

Who I am is not important - but my story is.

Last year, on July 23, after only three years as an Architect with Page, my life changed forever when I was diagnosed with cancer. Immediately Lisa Rosenfeld, our Human Resources Director, sat with me to talk.

She not only took care of all the appropriate paperwork and coordination for me to take time from work to receive treatment, she also became my biggest advocate for health and wellness. She consistently contacted me to check in, she never pressured or pried, only offering support and experiences from her own life.

She and management assured me the best thing to do was to take care of myself and they would take care of my position at Page. She gave me a sense of security and confidence to face the challenges ahead, knowing I was being supported at my workplace.  

I can't tell you how much this promoted my sense of wellbeing and ability to focus on what I needed at the time. I'm happy to report, I'm through the thick of it and have returned to work. This is due in a large part to our Page community and Lisa Rosenfeld - the best HR Director - ever. I'm so grateful.