Overview: Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin Updates

The University of Texas at Austin is the first Tier One public university in the United States to build a new medical school from the ground up in almost 50 years and Page is an integral part of the effort. The campus is part of the master plan for a new medical district in Austin, which is being developed with an unprecedented community collaboration. The medical district is being developed as a partnership between The University of Texas at Austin, Seton Healthcare and Central Texas Healthcare. The vision for the district focuses on medical education that integrates healthcare, teaching and research within an interdisciplinary setting, taking full advantage of adjacent university resources.

The first phase of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas, which enrolled its first class in May 2016, consists of three buildings and a garage, all in an ecologically sensitive area. Page is the design architect for the Health Learning Building, which serves as the educational center, in association with The SLAM Collaborative. Page is the architect of record in association with ZGF Architects on the additional two buildings, the Health Transformation and the Health Discovery Buildings, as well as a parking garage. Additionally, Dyal Branding & Graphics, A Page Company, is responsible for the new medical school visual identity, "Rethink Everything".

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Additional information and select media coverage of the project is available below in chronological order: 

Downtown 2039: New vision anticipates growth, mobility changes, cultural preservation
Chad Swiatecki, Austin Monitor, 05/21/2018

Tied into the vision are a number of initiatives in varying states of completion that will play heavily in how the area evolves in the coming years. Among them are the development of the innovation district around the Dell Medical School at the University of Texas...

Continental Cut Stone's Computerized Equipment Helps Push Natural Stone Design to New Dimensions
Jasmine Petters, Los Angeles Daily Telescope, 04/05/2018

The 2018 National Tucker Design Award was granted to The Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin Health Learning Building in the category of Best Architectural Design Using Natural Stone. It is an example of yet another successful collaboration between Page, which designed the Health Learning Building in association with The SLAM Collaborative and materials supplier Continental Cut Stone. 

New Schools of Thought
Martha M. Jablow, special to AAMCNews, 03/20/2018

The Association of American Medical Colleges has taken note of the innovation of the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas. Page is responsible for the medical school identity “Rethink Everything”, served as the design architect for the Health Learning Building educational center in association with The SLAM Collaborative and is the architect of record in association with ZGF Architects on the additional two buildings, the Health Transformation and the Health Discovery Buildings, as well as a parking garage.

Mental Health Care Delivery In Austin Is Getting A Shake-Up 
Ashley Lopez, KUT-NPR, 12/20/2017

How people get mental health care is being reimagined in Austin. Dell Medical School and several mental health providers are working together to figure out a better way. A good example of this redesign is the bipolar disorder clinic run by Dell Medical School and Integral Care, Travis County’s mental health agency.

Boomtown tomorrow: Austin's future, and its past, are made up of creativity
Christy Millweard, KVUE News, 11/17/2017

From the past to the present, most will agree growth in the city of Austin can be attributed to one thing - creativity... Over at the Dell Medical School, they're working to reinvent health care... their partnership with Central Health can bring change to the community. 

ABHI opens ‘Innovation Hub’ in Texas
Medical Plastics News, 11/14/2017

The Association of British Healthcare Industries (ABHI) and the Dell Medical School at The University of Texas at Austin have announced the establishment of the “ABHI Innovation Hub”, located within Dell Med’s Health CoLab which offers space and creates connections for start-up companies that share a mission to create healthier communities. In addition to the CoLab, companies that base themselves in the Innovation Hub will be able to participate in the ‘Texas Health Catalyst,’ a programme designed by the Dell Medical School to foster health research and advance innovation. 

Redesigning hospitals with patient experience in mind
Rachel Z. Arndt, Modern Healthcare, 11/11/2017 

The clinics' design may be among the more futuristic in the country, but it points to a practice sweeping all sorts of healthcare systems: using technology to facilitate a better patient experience, rather than emphasizing cosmetic changes. Design and technology are playing a big role in patient care—and not just in the strictly medical aspects of it but in the environmental and emotional aspects as well. 

UT Health Austin opens first clinics in $99 million project
Nicole Villalpando, The Austin American Statesman, 10/18/2017

The University of Texas at Austin Health Specialty Clinics opened this week with a promise to transform healthcare delivery into an integrated, team-based approach that eliminates waiting rooms and focuses on patient goals for health. This is part of The University of Texas Medical District Master Plan for which Page recently won an award. 

From 'parking lot central' to architectural oasis: Behind the design of Austin's Dell Medical School
Will Anderson, Austin Business Journal, 11/07/2017
The design of Dell Medical School and its surrounding district is meant to improve the physical and mental well-being of the students, physicians and professors who walk the halls. If that sounds lofty, it's supposed to. The new medical school at the University of Texas at Austin was designed at the cutting edge of architecture, sustainability, education and health care. 

How you can benefit from new UT Austin specialty clinics
Alyssa Goard, KXAN-TV News, 10/15/2017

KXAN-TV got a first look at the new UT Health Austin specialty clinics that will offer multiple types of care to the Austin community. Take this video tour with them to see why UT Austin President Greg Fenves calls this “a big deal.”

UT Dell Medical School at SXSWedu
The University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, 03/08/2017

The South by Southwest festival dedicated to education included the Learn by Design series, which featured a presentation on the Dell Medical School Health Learning Building progressive design solutions for 21st-century education. 

Dell Medical School goes green with ‘green roof’ full of plants
Natalie Ferrari, KXAN News, 01/26/2017

Data collected from a new green roof installed at the Dell Medical Center will be used to determine how well it functions in Austin's climate. It could lead to more green roofs on campus and further research for students at the university.

O N E E V E R Y O N E at Dell Medical School
Landmarks, 01/25/2017

A series of photographic portraits commissioned for the Dell Medical School illuminates particular links between touch and vision, contact and caring. 

Collective Learning
Canan Yetman, Texas Architect Magazine, 01/12/2017

The notion of encouraging social function in the academic realm through architecture has taken a firm hold in the interdisciplinary sciences, fostering cross-pollination among scientists who previously might have preferred to shut themselves away in their offices. 

The Green Goes Up
Wildflower Magazine, 12/01/2016

"Many of these (plants) adorn a green roof designed for a medical office building and parking garage at The University of Texas at Austin's forthcoming Dell Medical School."

Doctored Up: UT Austin Gets Medical Center That Aims To Reform The Healthcare Industry
The Architect's Newspaper, 09/14/2016

"The new campus’s master plan, designed to connect the medical district physically and architecturally to the rest of the university and Downtown Austin, was designed by Sasaki and Page. Of its new structures, unquestionably the centerpiece is Page and S/L/A/M Collaborative’s Health Learning Building."

By the numbers: Everything you need to know about Dell Medical School
Austin Business Journal, 06/27/2016

"The Health Learning Building features 2,000 panes of glass and 10,000 pieces of limestone from a quarry in Florence, in Williamson County. Continental Cut Stone operated a cutting machine 24 hours a day for 252 consecutive days to get all of the material ready on time."

After 135 years, a medical school is about to open its doors at UT
Austin American Statesman, 06/24/2016
“I love the design,” said Garrett Johnson, an incoming medical student. “Another thing that I like is the cadaver lab isn’t in a basement where it’s very gloomy... I think it’ll make it lot easier to spend time in lab.”

All Is Well: Health Transformation Building 
Healthcare Design Magazine, 05/04/2016

"The use of technology in design seeks to give the patient some control, such as planned touch screens in the exam rooms that will allow the patient to interact with his or her healthcare information." 

Page wins UT med school competition
Austin Business Journal, 07/03/2013

"Robert Cullick, a spokesman for UT... confirmed Page’s selection, citing the firm’s “extensive work in high-technology science and research areas, including molecular and neuroimaging centers..."