Page Employees Take Home the Gold!

For the "Third Thursday" in July, a monthly event in which teams take turns hosting and coming up with creative activities, Page staff had a chance to get ready for this year's Summer Olympics by participating in one of their own. The fun event took place in the office as teams from each department in the firm competed for the prized gold, silver, and bronze Olympic medals. The healthy competition between Page employees was a nice wind down from a long day at work.

The games began with a parade around "the world" (the office), led by honorary torch bearer, Page Senior Project Manager Brian Gray. The teams filed into line in uniform, each holding their "country's" flag, and ended in the middle of the stadium where Brian lit the Olympic flame. Each team was introduced by their unique country name-- a play on words using the head of each Page practice sector (for example, Marissa Yu's Interior Design team competed as "yU.S.A.") The opening ceremony was filled with high spirits as the instructions for the following events were read in multiple languages, and Page Designer Yvette Herrera Durán performed a spectacular opening dance.

Once the festivities were over, the Games officially began, and the team members split up to participate in their respective events: Suck Put, High Dive, and the 50-ish Meter Relay. The Suck Put required patience and concentration as "athletes" had to transfer as many M&M candies as they could from one plastic cup to another using only a straw. The High Dive utilized hand-eye coordination and some mathematical calculations as employees tossed beanbags over the railing in an attempt to land in designated squares below. And, the 50-ish Meter Relay was a laughter-inducing race with a wiffle golf ball on a spoon around a design element in the office that meant one leg of the relay couldn't see their teammates coming. 

The event ran into the evening as each team competed valiantly but in the end, the Page design team, ACQ Territories, came out on top, taking home the gold. Everyone went home feeling satisfied with the amount of fun they had collaborating and competing. To see the Page Summer Olympics, watch this minute-long video: 

The roster of teams that participated in the Page Olympics included: 

  • ACQ Territories (Design)
  • Brittania and the Rusk Islands (Administration & Accounting)
  • Edwardsland (Corporate / Commercial)
  • FlattFichTaubenland (Predesign & IT)
  • Gloetznerbourg (Marketing & Brand)
  • Great Bricker (Academic)
  • Kingdom of Garrettonia (Engineering)
  • MeaseRael (Special Projects)
  • Neubekistan (Healthcare)
  • Republic of Willis (Science / Technology)
  • SloVaughnia (Commissioning)
  • yU.S.A. (Interiors)

We want to congratulate our hard-working athletes for their efforts-- go, Team Page!