Page Supports Meals on Wheels

One of the many volunteer efforts at Page is our Austin Meals on Wheels (MOW) group. The group delivers meals each week to seniors and home-bound clients within the local community.

Our team is made up of 21 Page employees and is responsible for delivering meals for two East Austin delivery routes. Every Wednesday, two volunteer pairs head over to the MOW Central Kitchen, pick up warm meals and deliver them to the various clients on each route. Megan McCoy, group coordinator organizes the routes and says it is a great way to get to know colleagues.

“Some of our volunteers have been generously giving their time for more than eight years,” says McCoy, “We know the clients and enjoy seeing their appreciative faces and making small talk with them at each delivery. They genuinely appreciate our brief visits.” Page volunteers have a couple of annual team outings or happy hours, but the primary motivation for participating is to get out and volunteer during the lunch hour.