Ping-Pong Battle Royale

The third annual Ping-Pong Battle Royale was a huge success with East Germany’s Talmadge Smith and Bill Huie taking home the gold. Champions Smith and Huie dominated from the start and but were given fierce competition from many of the sixteen countries represented. Silver went to Keely Barrett and Jonathan Sajdak of team USA, and Italia’s Wendy Dunnam Tita and Michael Tita walked away with the bronze.

In an unfortunate upset, two-year reigning champion Mika England and her partner Ronnie Marquez of team England were eliminated in the first round. Highlights included team Djibouti’s breakout year and the crowds’ exuberant support for home team USA during the final. Uniforms— including team Scotland’s kilt—added flare to the event. Organizers pulled out all of the stops again this year and began the competition with a torch-bearing run through the office set to John William’s Olympic score.

Congrats to the winners!