Prepared: Seamless Transition to WFH

Our IT Director Zoltan Karl shares his thoughts on the technological foundations the firm had set in the recent past that helped a seamless transition to work from home. Looking ahead, this essential infrastructure will aid the evolution of our workplace as the pandemic is redefining workplace strategies and environments.

Zoltan explains, "We are a multifaceted organization that needs the ability to work from virtually anywhere, on any device, and that has helped us tremendously during these turbulent times. Our IT team works closely with all levels of the organization to provide the tools and support needed to produce the exceptional designs and the high quality of work that our clients and industry recognize. During the onset of COVID-19, our ability to transform into an entirely remote workplace virtually overnight was made possible by our ability to rely on these flexible solutions.

"The ability to foster both a physical and remote environments gleaming with teamwork and the entrepreneurial spirit requires significant IT effort. The need to create an elastic IT foundation is essential for success. It also provides flexibility that can grow and shrink with dynamic business needs, while allowing project teams to effectively communicate both internally and with external members. Relying on cloud solutions and our ability to securely support a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment allowed our employees to continue accessing the tools and data necessary for their productivity when they transitioned home. We take the security of our data and the data shared with us from our clients seriously; I am proud to say that we are managing to keep a high level of security while still enabling a remote workforce through layers or protection and dynamic access management. 

"The single largest factor in our ability to adapt is the Page IT team. We not only have tremendously talented people on the team, but they all bring a sense of camaraderie and an unshaken work ethic to continue to drive value for the organization. Their efforts not only came to fruition but shined through the last several weeks, allowing individuals to embrace new methods of collaboration and increased productivity. The Page IT group was also able to coordinate a number of training opportunities for various teams and accelerate the deployment of a number of initiatives ahead of the mandatory shelter-in-place orders. Their foresight and desire to enable others to stay productive was not only effective but essential to the successful adaptation to the new normal. I am proud to be a part of the team and look forward to relying on both the team and technology to continue to drive Page forward."