Previewing Project Designs with Virtual Reality

At the annual Colorado Association of Healthcare Executives and Directors (CAHED) Expo in Denver, Page leaders showcased how the firm is leveraging new and exciting upgrades to standard design tools. Page Associate Principal Matt Edmonds demonstrated the use of the latest virtual reality (VR) interfaces by allowing attendees to virtually "walk through" Page-designed operating rooms, procedure rooms, clinics, and patient suites from projects in Colorado and other states.

In one application users were able to experience the ability to virtually pick up and rearrange equipment within a virtually mocked-up OR. In another, they could realistically verify critical line-of-sight designs for nurse stations, reception areas, and specific positions in the operating theater. Many visitors to the booth walked away with a new appreciation for the way Page works and how our tools help clients make better decisions.

Page Associate Principal Jay Sabatini and Principal Kurt Neubek also attended the CAHED Expo. Kurt shared that that one attendee wouldn’t take off the VR headset until Matt had “walked her through” the entire building model. Matt confirmed that many clients have a similarly enthusiastic response to this tool. 

Page is a Top 20 National Healthcare Design firm and is celebrating its ten year anniversary in Denver this year. Page Healthcare clients in the state include Colorado Health, Kaiser Permanente, Telluride Medical Center, and HCA.