Robert Kranz Chats About Page MEP

Page Fire Protection Engineer Robert Kranz credits a good mentor from his first job in fire protection for his passion in the field. My mentor showed me how important a comprehensive fire protection strategy can be to owners and explained the cost-benefit analysis of selecting the appropriate fire protection system for the risk/hazard. Also, a lesson-learned worth mentioning, is the high demand of fire protection engineers around the country that continues to this day.

Robert’s work touches all seven of the Page market sectors and he appreciates the team approach. Check out what he enjoys about the firm and his job.

Why did you choose to work at Page?

I was interested in Page because I wanted to be in a collaborative professional environment and it was important to me to have opportunities to work on a wide range of projects. It was evident that the Page MEP team had a well-rounded project portfolio and worked with clients looking to incorporate the cutting edge technologies of the discipline. Also, at a quick glance the firm’s website showed proof of the collaborative and fun culture which has turned out to be most definitely true given the fun Friday happy-hours, social functions and in-office activities offered at Page.

What is it like to work on the Page MEP team?

Our integrated team approach has been very important to me, not only as an engineering team, but as a complete building design team. We are all working for a single-purpose to get the job done well. I can walk over to speak to the architects and interior designers about a project and make sure that not only does my design function, but that it meets the aesthetics required for the client. We are able to solve problems quickly and early-on to make sure the building comes together to meet the owner’s needs and to help construction go smoothly. The people on our team also value teaching and learning from each other. Working closely with our architects, designers, and planners has given me greater insight to their design constraints and has helped me adjust my own designs accordingly.

What do you recommend recent graduates look for when considering a firm?

When you are starting out, it is really important to get a broad understanding of the profession and avoid getting stuck doing just one thing. I would say look for a place that offers variety. A full-service, integrated team like Page’s will allow recent grads opportunities to work on projects ranging from mission critical projects to civic/government, corporate, education, military and healthcare projects.

Briefly describe a recent favorite project.

Page is the Master Engineer for the Texas State Capitol Complex, which is a multi-block project that will reshape Austin’s area north of the State Capitol. I really enjoyed being part of such a large-scale project that affects my own city and creates a space that I will be able to use personally. The process of thinking through all of the fire protection and life safety issues including the building code analysis, city water supplies, appropriate fire suppression systems, fire alarm schemes and fire department response has been challenging and enjoyable.