Safety First!

Safety is a huge part of the A/E/C industry as well as of our clients, which include oil and gas, healthcare, academic, and other major commercial sectors.

In our role as designers, we have a responsibility to consider the safety and well-being of all users of our facilities from the mobility-impaired accessing our buildings to the staff of our hospitals caring for patients and their families to the shorter-legged children climbing the stairs of our schools, not to mention the staff and visitors of our US embassies abroad.

As a multidisciplinary firm that also specializes in engineering, commissioning and other areas of expertise, we are active on job sites from groundbreaking all the way through completion. Thus, safety on construction sites is imperative whether we are project managers or project team members.

According to OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), more than 12 workers are killed each day on construction sites. There are also grim statistics on people involved in car accidents while driving on company business. We believe everyone has a right to leave their homes in the morning and expect to return safely that evening. 

As Page principal Jeff Willis said starkly, "We don't want to work with contractors or team members who don't have the same respect or priority for safety that we do. If we don't ensure that we say something when we see something, clients won't want to work with us either. This is something on which we will never compromise."

At Page, we distribute our safety manual and provide safety training to all our employees. Our manual is often included as part of an RFP or RFQ response, and outlines safety procedures ranging from ladder safety, drug free workspaces to fall protection and describes how to handle many more situations that will ensure the well-being of our employees. Our employees are fully expected to know the information in this manual and to always BE SAFE.