Serving A Niche Community

Veteran Page Senior Project Architect and Associate Principal BJ Patel contributes to the industry, the community and elevates Page’s reputational profile – all in one fell swoop – through her volunteer service with the American Society of Indian Engineers and Architects (ASIE). It was established in 1994 to help engineers, architects and designers of Indian origin share their knowledge with the next generation of professionals. BJ currently wears two hats in the organization: Chair of the Advisory Council to the Board as well as Chair of the Scholarship Committee.

She is a life member of ASIE, and previously served as a board member in 2011 and Secretary in 2012. More recently, she served on the scholarship committee and this year, the president of ASIE nominated her for the position of committee chair. That was a double honor for BJ as the advisory council had already nominated her to serve as their own chair for the same year as well. It’s all familiar territory though as her role with the advisory council requires her to again attend board meetings. The council also advises the board on financial activities, which encompasses scholarships.  

Supporting and encouraging future architects and engineers of Indian origin living in the United States is one of BJ’s passions since she can personally relate. She earned her Bachelors of Architecture in India before moving to Texas to obtain her Masters of Architecture degree at the University of Houston. BJ explains she has seen firsthand that even a modest amount of financial assistance can ease a student’s stress and improve the focus on their studies.

BJ has presented often to students of all ages about architecture and likes to describe ASIE as an opportunity for “networking, volunteering and mentorship” for members in the greater metropolitan Houston area. The organization provides a platform to improve communication and management skills as well as career enhancement through continuing education seminars, workshops and field trips.

Congratulations on these recognitions of your skills, BJ!