Taking WELLness to Another Level: Kaitlin Jones

Congratulations to Associate / Interior Designer Kaitlin Jones who has become the first Pager to achieve WELL Building accreditation! It is a relatively new industry opportunity and the cost of materials for studies as well as sitting for the examinations can add up, so several Pagers currently undergoing the process have long-lead plans to accomplish it. However, Kaitlin was fortunate enough to win a professional scholarship that enabled her to complete it sooner.

She is part of the Page Interiors studio and is based in the Dallas office. For health reasons, Kaitlin educated herself about the quality of the water and air in her home, and this interest carried over to her work, which motivated her to become a WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP). She is currently one of 3,000 people worldwide to achieve this since the program was introduced in late 2015.

The seven concepts of WELL impact human health and well-being. Accredited professionals are experts on a range of topics from the impacts of air contaminants on health to the power of water quality and the link between ergonomics and musculoskeletal disease. Kaitlin explains, "I think it's important we stay up to date with the healthy standards that clients benefit from and offer them that service / knowledge."

Her efforts were supported by a Bob Edge Memorial Scholarship, named for a giant in the Dallas / Fort Worth commercial real estate community who was passionate about mentoring. These are awarded to outstanding young area professionals with career goals, and Kaitlin won hers last summer.  

The WELL Accredited Professional (WELL AP) credential includes a commitment to advancing human health and wellness in buildings and communities. Page supports healthy material specifications through the firm's Materials Matter program and is pleased to congratulate Kaitlin on this achievement.

To learn more about WELL accreditation, click here.