The Dress Revealed: 2015 Product Runway

Our Page interiors team recently participated in the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Texas/Oklahoma Chapter’s 7th Annual Product Runway Fashion Show. Interior design and architecture professionals and students were tasked with creating handmade garments from architectural material, such as glass, carpet and wood. The Page team demonstrated their creativity with the use of an unexpected material.

This year’s theme was “True Colours,” and each team was assigned a color that was paired with an emotion. Our team, which included Gibran Villalobos, Chelsea Reimer, Sana Sabharwal, Mac Little, Taylor Whaley and Ami Robinson, did an amazing job in constructing an outfit that expressed our assigned concept, “Serene Silver.”

“Our response to the design challenge was inspired by the serenity of nature majestic, immovable mountains stretched beyond and reflected in a still expanse of lakes,” as described on our Page project poster. “The base of our look is a classic dress shape enlivened with reflective and metallic elements to mimic the effect of still water reflecting stone mountains, crating a calm, effortless cool indicative of our model’s mood. A modern structured coat evocative of mountain peaks wraps our model and tops off the look as snowcapped mountains top a serene horizon.”

The completed dress was made of reflective tile and weighed 30 pounds, which Sana stunningly strutted down the catwalk at the event held at the Bayou Music Center. All proceeds from Product Runway benefited those in need at the Houston Furniture Bank. Take a look at our image gallery at the top of this page to view pictures of our garment and the event.

For more information about the fundraiser and its beneficiary, go to IIDA Product Runway.