We Are Girls: Encouraging The Next Generation

Architects, interior designers and engineers, oh my! Hopefully that is what the attendees at the annual We Are Girls empowerment conference said after meeting the teams of Page women who volunteered a recent Saturday at Hogg Middle School in Houston. The Pagers prepared hour-long workshops in both English and Spanish focusing on their respective fields of expertise. Each included demonstrative and interactive portions that gave the girls a glimpse into the lives of these professional women.

Page architects presented ‘City Dreamscapes’ to demonstrate the collaborative effort required in realizing a building. Small breakout groups of girls worked together to create their own buildings using real miniature building materials culminating in a mini-city, and received encouragement along the way.

‘A Day in the Life of an Interior Designer’ utilized upcycled interior samples and magazine images to allow the girls to conceptualize their own materials finish boards. They sketched out their concepts and then assembled the boards reflecting their custom designs for specific space types.

And, ‘Let There Be Light’ introduced the girls to the world of engineering through hands-on activities using basic concepts. The girls viewed an interactive presentation on engineering concepts, including a video of a custom Rube Goldberg machine built by our own engineers. They were then challenged to ‘recreate’ the machine and solve problems as real engineers would in their efforts to get a small light bulb to turn on.  

The event was a great success and showed the younger generation how diverse and powerful women are. Ashley August, Page Senior Associate commented, “It served to remind us all that We Are Positive Artistic Genuine Empowered Girls.”

Thanks also go to the male Page employees who were excited to lend their support in developing the presentation materials. 

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