We Need to Reinforce the AIA Pipeline

To effectively support and expand the architecture industry's leadership pipeline, we have to first concentrate on the American Institute of Architects (AIA) membership pipeline. We need new thinking and new energy from new members, and not necessarily reinforcement of the status quo.

My experience co-founding, developing and leading the AIA International Region taught me the need for establishing the value proposition and maintaining continuity in governance. We must evaluate and deal with the disincentives to leadership involvement at all levels, as this problem is especially acute at the component level.

Part of reinforcing the value proposition is growing the AIA’s global brand, and my years of international practice experience and current International Union of Architects Professional Practice Commission leadership role have shown me the value of this. My near-obsession with building the AIA value proposition crosses all reaches of the membership spectrum as well as outwardly into broader society. 

I encourage all AIA board members to engage at the component level through frequent, direct communication with local leadership, membership and would-be membership.  I also know how vital it is inspire non-members to see value in the organization and motivate them to join and contribute their time, energy, and ideas. 

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