Winner Winner, Buffalo Dinner

For the third year, the Rice Design Alliance (RDA), a program of Rice (University) Architecture, hosted an Instagram scavenger hunt in which teams were challenged to post photos with the RDAgents mascot to the digital media site showing the solved clues. This year, there was an element that made Pagers declare, "We have to field a team - and we just have to win!"

It was the location: Buffalo Bayou Park, for which Page designed the built architecture. We consider that "our turf" so to speak. This year's scavenger hunt was appropriately tagged #buffalogram and and featured clues encouraging teams to explore the park.  

Our team quickly recognized several Page projects in the clues. One of those was The Cistern, located inside Buffalo Bayou Park, which was the subject of two clues: "Underground monument" and "Peer down", a reference to a periscope installation that allows above-ground visitors to see inside the repurposed drinking water utility.  

Another clue was the #ultimatesaturdaybrunch, a reference to The Dunlavy restaurant which consistently has lines out the door of its Page-designed structure every weekend and overlooks the restored Lost Lake, another clue in the scavenger hunt.

The Page team, so appropriately named "Hot Wings" (a pun on buffalo wings), won the scavenger hunt, beating out the second-place team of Cardno by finding all but one of the “#monumentalmoments” large word sculptures by Anthony Thompson Shumate which are scattered throughout the park.

Congratulations, Pagers!