Women of Page Learning to Lead The Way

Several Pagers recently attended a Women in Leadership executive education course presented by the University of Houston Bauer College of Business. As a multidisciplinary firm, Page also prides itself on its focus on diversity and inclusivity so the event was a natural fit for emerging women leaders to attend.

The course was designed by women leaders to empower others to identify their unique strengths so they can capitalize on them. The theme was “bring your whole self to work.” In addition to the classwork, participants had the opportunity to network with area women leaders. Afterward, they created a LinkedIn Group to keep in touch with each of the participants. Page women had several takeaways, such as “be authentic to yourself”.

An inspiring quote about good leaders from the founder of a brand development organization that operates on the premise of connecting emotions with logic prompted Page Mechanical Designer Ashley August to realize, “Good leaders have been described as those who are driven, competent, confident, exercise good judgement and make sound decisions. Often times we devalue the softer skills: temperance, accountability, transcendence and integrity that make leading and being led a productive and fulfilling experience. It's the aggregate of these traits that produces a truly great leader."  

Afterward, the University of Houston interviewed Page participants on their learnings at the event. They gleaned feedback such as, "“We can have a tremendous impact on our roles in the workplace and advance our roles as leaders by recognizing and celebrating our own unique strengths and those of the women around us.” Watch the resulting video below. 

Recently, Page has played a visible role in several related events such as leading the AIA (American Institute of Architects) Women in Architecture exhibition at the AIA Houston chapter, participating in the 2016 Texas Conference for Women featuring Patricia Arquette, Bert Jacobs and Robin Roberts. Currently, the firm is leading the next iteration of the AIA Women in Architecture exhibition to be displayed in Austin as well as an associated leadership event to take place in 2018.

In addition to supporting professional leadership development, Page was proud to also serve as the sponsor of the Women in Leadership executive education course.