Yes, Page Designed That Too!

The best part about a firm like Page is that when a design is needed, the perfect people to develop one are already at hand! Page celebrated the inauguration of its TDECU Stadium at the University of Houston with a tailgate party the afternoon of first kickoff. But, to stand out from all the other tailgaters, we needed something special, like commemorative T-shirts. A design contest was held and the winner was Gibran Villalobos, pictured in his creation.

The inspiration didn't end there, though. As people began walking in the office the morning of the game wearing their shirts, it quickly became apparent that many of them were different from when they had been taken out of the printer's boxes. The ribbed crew neckline was missing on some, another had been taken in the sides, one had tie strings sewn to the back and several were braided! Page employees were definitely some of the most interestingly attired people on the university campus that day - take a look at the gallery of images above.