Andy Phan

Andy Phan

Associate Principal / Visualization Director


When Andy Phan was young, his teachers decided he needed a creative outlet; after all, he’d been doodling all over his English and math worksheets and his desk was a disaster. He ventured into visual art classes, and soon became fascinated with “art with substance” through which others could interact with an artist’s work. This led to architecture school, where Andy found his niche applying 3-D graphics to renderings and animations of buildings. Now at Page, Andy contributes his talents to projects as Director of Visualization.

Andy’s personal favorite quote is “Render big, or go home; anything worth doing is worth overdoing!”, and he approaches all of his projects with that spirited enthusiasm. Thus far, one of his favorites is the University of Houston Cougar Football Stadium. An alumnus, Andy greatly enjoyed revisiting his old stomping grounds while documenting the site during the interview process. He explains that the pleasure came from imagining how he would want the stadium to look and feel and how he might visually convey that dramatic story to the athletic board of directors; winning the project was merely “icing on the cake.”