Anthony Alafriz

Anthony Alafriz AIA



Anthony Alafriz has assumed many different roles in his long career with Page, beginning with management of computer operations in the Washington, DC, office when he was one of only four employees. Two decades later, with many more personnel on board to attend to the office’s increased workload, Anthony now focuses on specialized security measures for U.S. embassy compounds being designed for locations around the globe.

He’s also involved in architectural programming, conceptual design, construction documentation, and construction administration for a wide range of project types for both domestic and international clients. As versatile as he is capable, Anthony’s exceptional commitment to the task at hand earned him the nickname “Action A” from his office colleagues because they know he would always see a job through to its successful completion. “They hand it to me and I get it done,” he says, “This is probably what got me to where I am right now.”

Typically serving as a liaison between the project manager and project architect, Anthony’s current tasks include client interface and providing technical expertise on confidential portions of government projects. His collaborative style of working has helped contribute to the ongoing success of the firm's federal and international projects. His responsibilities encompass all aspects of project delivery, from design through construction documentation, for the design/build projects requiring fast-track schedules.