Brianna Stopper

Brianna Stopper

Associate / Executive Assistant


Brianna is a people person and professional problem solver. She holds a Bachelor of Cultural Anthropology from Texas State University and says that she is fascinated by how her studies of buildings and ancient architecture play into her daily life at Page. “I love working somewhere that has contributed so much to the history of the city where I live,” she explains. “Our projects are really shaping Austin and it is fun to be a part of that impact on and contribution to the city.”

Brianna wears many hats at the office and does everything from onboarding to billing. She is the right hand of the leadership team in the Austin office. When she talks about what she enjoys about her job, she is quick to say helping others. “I know every single person in the office and everyone comes to me when they have a question because they think I will know the answer—I really love it,” she says. Brianna usually does know the answer or she will find it out. She also makes sure everyone has fun as the official organizer of all social events from our monthly cake days to the annual winter and summer parties.

Outside of the office, Brianna also enjoys helping others. She is a member of Austin Junior Forum and Junior League. “For me, it is important to contribute to my community and I believe in the causes we support, which center on women, children and the elderly,” she says.

For fun, Brianna likes to take her dog hiking and spend time with her family. She was born in California and grew up in Colorado and takes every chance she can get to go back to the mountains. “I love the mountains,” she says. “They are beautiful and peaceful and a great place to recharge.”