Carla Fraser

Carla Fraser MPA

Principal / Branding & Graphics Director


Although Carla Fraser has worked on projects with large, successful corporations such as Motorola, Accenture, Sonae Sierra, and others, she gets excited about projects for clients whose mission it is to improve lives. People's Community Clinic, which was founded in a church basement, is a significant health care provider to the under-served community in the Austin metropolitan area. Their brand identity did not adequately represent the growth that had occurred in recent years, so Carla and team took on the challenge.

First, she had to gain the client’s trust to be able to find solutions that maintained the clinic’s authenticity and roots while positioning it as the innovative and successful organization that it had become – without alienating existing stakeholders. The new visual identity touched on all key points critical to raising awareness and support of the clinic’s mission: branding, print collateral, digital/web engagement, experiential graphics, and a donor recognition program.

As a brand strategy and cultural change management expert, Carla co-leads the award-winning Branding & Graphics consulting service at Page. Her studio is typically involved from the early stages of a project to ensure that visual identity, wayfinding, graphic signage and collateral appropriately reflect the client’s overarching objectives. Sometimes, she and her team are the first point of contact with clients for architectural visioning and design vocabulary development services.