Chris Cowansage

Chris Cowansage RA, LEED AP

Principal / Senior Lab Planner


The challenges faced by laboratory scientists are not always self-evident, but Chris Cowansage is dedicated to discovering them. As a lab planner and inveterate problem-solver, he values direct communication with lab users and likes to meet with them in their lab settings during the early stages of every project. He sees this as the most effective way to address relevant issues, taking technical complexities in stride and seeking simple and elegant solutions.

Chris first considered a career in architecture as a student working on the construction of a professor’s solar house. His interest in taking things apart and reassembling them broadened his understanding of materials and systems. He came to admire functional design that was evidence-based; at the same time he became impressed with several unforgettable works of art--notably the drawings of Giorgio de Chirico. Both function and aesthetics are still equally important to Chris; his view is that their seamless integration is the mark of a great lab.