Christine Scott Thomson

Christine Scott Thomson AICP, LEED AP

Senior Associate / Urban Planner


Christine Scott Thomson recently completed a Master of Science - Environment + Resources degree with a focus on sustainable cities through the University of Wisconsin’s Senator Gaylord Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies. She brings a real-world perspective to her studies with nearly two decades of experience as an urban planner and designer. Christine has specialized in urban development, housing, and community revitalization projects that integrate sustainability at the urban and campus scale, and the university's International Institute Fellowships Office awarded her a grant to undertake joint research focused on sustainable settlements with the University of Bonn in Germany.

She also has served as lead researcher for the C40 Cities Carbon Positive Approaches grant awarded by the UW-Madison Office of Sustainability as well as lead researcher for the Perspectives on Neighborhoods Built Around Smart Growth Principles grant. Her recent project work in California includes San Jose Urban Village Plan for the City of San Jose, Oakland EcoBlock working with UC Berkeley, India Basin Mixed-Use Project Entitlements in San Francisco, and the Campus Plan for UC Merced.