Clayton Bourassa

Clayton Bourassa

Associate / Electrical Designer


Clayton Bourassa knows that poor quality of work in his field can injure or even result in fatalities. He has seen enough frightening examples of electrical faults and accidents firsthand to develop heightened situational awareness in his day-to-day activities, even in tasks such as design review. However, he considers that a valuable work trait, not only for clients but for project end-users as well.

This perspective suited him well for a recent project assessment in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He had to work with a different power generation system, identify faults, deficiencies, and recommend a prescriptive action to improve building longevity.

Clayton explains his professional meaning of commitment as, “ensuring that the job will be done well, on time, under budget”, which fosters a better relationship with clients. He sees collaboration as a derivative of commitment since the former is required to successfully complete the large, complex projects on which Page works.