Denny Kumm

Denny Kumm PE, LEED AP

Senior Associate / Senior Civil Engineer


Denny Kumm is an accomplished civil engineer with three decades of management experience helping clients reduce costs through optimization of resources in highly regulated environments. Regarded as an innovator by his professional peers, Denny methodically assesses strategic goals and efficiently manages the necessary processes to achieve those goals while staying within the project’s budget.

In his work for Page, Denny leads the multidisciplinary firm’s civil design teams in geo-environmental permitting, quality control, and construction for major land development projects. He has also served as a consultant on industrial and hazardous waste management at facilities nationwide for services such as environmental design and identification and remediation of environmental impacts.

Denny considers the firm’s fundamental approach to the work of building as exemplifying the firm’s core value of collaboration. “Page is faithful about getting all the stakeholders to provide feedback and about the need to address these inputs with a myriad of ideas from which to derive a ‘best’ solution,” he adds.