Emily Barris


Senior Associate / Project Architect


After studying historic preservation in graduate school on the East Coast and writing her thesis on the Seaholm Power Plant, a mixed-use development of a historic property in Page Austin’s downtown neighborhood, Emily’s career took a turn and, eventually, lead her to Page. She focused early on hospital projects of monumental scale. For years, these projects offered opportunities to interact with nurses, doctors and hospital staff. The profound impact that healthcare design has on our communities became abundantly clear to Emily—and a new passion of hers.

“Our work is important for the patients—and their families, friends, doctors, nurses and caretakers—during a potentially stressful time,” she explains. “It is a challenge and it is a rewarding challenge.”

For Emily, the technical nature and complexity of healthcare projects fills each day with collaborative problem solving. She is an integral member of our Government Studio and works primarily on Department of Defense medical work. She loves that our engineering team is in house and says teamwork makes the problem solving easier and more enjoyable.

Emily also loves that she travels and is getting to see a lot of the world as part of her job. “The frequent historic nature of military installations allows me to combine my love for historic preservation with my passion for healthcare design,” she says. “I even designed a medical clinic in a historic district; it is pretty perfect for me.”