Freddy Padilla

Freddy Padilla PE, ATD

Principal / Engineering Director


Freddy Padilla has developed significant experience as an engineer designing infrastructure for data centers, and successfully earned his Uptime Tier Designers accreditation in 2013. In the past few years, he has been responsible for leading Page teams on the electrical design of more than 12 data centers totaling over $1B in construction costs. Freddy’s portfolio also includes a variety of engineering services for multiple, successful projects for the industrial, municipal, commercial, government, educational and healthcare sectors.

Ironically, Freddy recalls asking himself on his first day of work at the firm how he was going to fit in with all the different personalities and styles he was meeting. He quickly came to realize it was the 'Page way' and that “without realizing it, I with my very unique personality was not only fitting in, I was contributing to this Page gamma of styles with my own”.