Gary Moss

Gary Moss AIA, LEED AP

Principal / Science & Technology


Gary Moss came to Page with a solid design portfolio of high-tech manufacturing facilities. His first project with the firm put his expertise to the test. Gary was assigned as the on-site design representative during the construction of Micron Fab 4 in Boise, Idaho. As his introduction to Page’s culture, he learned quickly about the firm’s interdisciplinary approach to project delivery.

“The project was a collaborative design-build effort that involved ‘on the fly’ decisions made in the field with critical schedule dates dictated by the delivery and installation of multimillion dollar production equipment,” Gary says. “This was my first project with Page and it gave me the opportunity to learn how the firm actually worked on fast-track projects.”

Creativity and commitment, he soon realized, were essential traits shared among the team members. Yet there was another aspect that was most important.

“Collaboration is the key ingredient to creating a team approach,” he says. “In the project environment there should always be constant communication from all disciplines during the entire schedule. Everybody should have a defendable reason for his or her approach and the opportunity to express that to the entire team. When all members of the team understand each other’s approach then you have the entire team working on the final solution.”