Ian Ellis

Ian Ellis

Project Architect


Ian is known for his resourcefulness, innovative solutions, and abilities to connect the right people, places and things the right way. Born and raised in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, Ian is equally fascinated by the psychological implications of architecture and design as he is inspired by the importance of well-integrated environments, systems, and experiences. For him, the big picture is just as important to me as the finest detail.

Ian’s design process embraces complex procedures and variables. He finds liberation in constraints and obstacles and leverages opportunity strengths through rigorous iteration to arrive at holistically successful resolutions. His goal is to articulate and accentuate memory, tradition, ritual, and desire through design to create relevant and long-lasting architecture.

“Strategies we develop, designs we create, and places we make are complete in thought, performance, and experience,” he explains. “Good design is cognizant of sensory effects, responsive to technical parameters, and achieves a quality as a whole greater than a sum of its part. Great design takes it one step further through open collaboration, clear intentions, and utilizing a well-defined thesis to guide the way.”

As a licensed architect and registered interior designer in Texas, Ian is has a strong portfolio focused on sustainable corporate/commercial, hospitality, residential and theoretical architecture and interior design. His research on sensory design and autism as well as his built design work have been internationally published, exhibited and awarded.