Jameson Terry

Jameson Terry RA, LEED AP

Senior Associate


In college, Jameson Terry learned a valuable lesson that wasn't listed in the university's marketing materials. His design-build studio team had put in a full day's work at the project site in the mountains, then decided to enjoy a swim in the river afterward. When it was time to head back, he got the idea it would be easier to swim than to walk downstream - and had to be rescued by someone nearby. Since then, he's taken the approach that he is actually ‘spending’ time doing things, not ‘wasting’ it.

Jameson became accredited in LEEP AP in the mid-2000s when the concept was still somewhat new. Since then, he's successfully ushered multiple projects through certification, including the first LEED Gold project in western Africa, and continually has additional projects in various stages of the LEED process.

Since joining Page in 2006, Jameson has touched easily half the embassy projects the firm has worked on. He is also responsible for integrating requirements for high levels of physical security into building design, which is a critical aspect of government projects. Since 2015, he's served as Page's facility security officer.