Jeffrey Mechlem, Jr.

Jeffrey Mechlem, Jr. AIA

Principal / Project Manager


While backpacking across Europe after graduating from architecture school, Jeff had the pleasure of staying a couple of days at le Corbusier’s La Tourette monastery. He stayed in a private room at the monastery, adjacent to a team of visiting architecture students and professors. His days there were spent touring the building and grounds sketching, writing, and observing the daily routines of the resident monks. At night, he shared his thoughts and experiences with the architecture students and professors and participated in a critique of their daily assignments.

Jeff says, "This opened my eyes to the best way to experience, understand, and critique art and architecture – by living in the environment, observing how others interact and respond, and by discussing the experiences, critiques, and inspirations with others. This experience, and the building itself, had a significant impact on how I learned to explore, appreciate, and design architecture."

Today, as a a principal and senior project manager for Page, Jeff leverages a wealth of resources with specialized expertise in design, planning, engineering, strategic analysis, and overall creative thinking and problem solving to fulfill clients' needs. He strives for seamless collaboration among these resources, which leads to creative solutions that push the envelope not only for specific projects, but for the architecture profession. Jeff observes, "This ambition throughout Page to collaborate and offer creative ideas and solutions illustrates our commitment to bring design excellence to the built environment."